March 23, 2017

My poem ‘Tuam’ appears in Headstuff this week.

You can read more about the Tuam Babies case in this Guardian article



March 13, 2017

All 8 of my poems that have appeared over two issues of The Stinging Fly have been posted on the journal’s revamped website.

It’s wonderful to see the work that has gone into creating the Fly‘s digital archive. ‘Amsterdam’, ‘Glenveagh’, ‘Persimmons’, ‘Ode to Love’, ‘October, Cork City’, ‘Rapture’, ‘The Unicorn Children’, and ‘Hades’ can all be accessed at this link, with ‘Amsterdam’ available to non-subscribers.

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March 10, 2017

I’m beyond excited to have been shortlisted in the Emerging Poetry category for the Hennessy New Irish Writing Awards!

The results will be announced on March 28, and in the meantime here are the full shortlists for Emerging Poetry, Emerging Fiction, and First Fiction.



December 13, 2016

Banshee have put together a list that features their contributors’ literary picks of the year.

If we had not been limited to three choices things might have gotten out of hand, but I managed to choose three poems that really left an impression on me: ‘Letter to the Northern Lights’ by Aimee Nezhukumatathil, ‘How to Be a Dream Girl not a Doormat about the “Ex”‘ by Kathryn Maris, and ‘Glass-Bottom Boat’ by Elizabeth Spires.

Here’s the full Best of 2016 compilation of marvellous poems, stories, and essays.


12 December 2016

‘Poetry that you’ll keep returning to’

My interview with Colette Sheridan of the Evening Echo about my chapbook Rapture and how I write poetry is now online.

Have a read here


December 5, 2016

My poem ‘Persephone No More’ is now online at the Dangerous Women Project in Association with the University of Edinburgh.

The project is currently open for submissions in response to the question ‘What does it mean to be a dangerous woman?’

As well as the poem itself, I wrote a short piece on why I chose to affiliate myself with the Biblical figure of Jezebel rather than Persephone of Greek myth, and why such a choice matters in how women choose to represent themselves in today’s world.