Poetry Day Ireland & Butlers Chocolate Cafes

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I’m excited to see my poem ‘October, Cork City’ printed on mini cards to be made available in Ireland’s Butlers Chocolate Cafes in association with Poetry Day Ireland 2017.

Other poems with a similar chocolate/coffee vibe will also be featured on cards and posters in Butlers on April 27.

‘October, Cork City’ was reprinted from Rapture and originally appeared in The Stinging Fly.





8 poems at Stinging Fly’s online archive

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The Stinging Fly has created a beautiful online archive of work that has appeared over the years in their magazine, including 8 of my own poems.

‘Amsterdam’, ‘Glenveagh’, ‘Persimmons’, ‘Ode to Love’, ‘October, Cork City’, ‘Rapture’, ‘The Unicorn Children’ and ‘Hades’ can now be accessed here, with ‘Amsterdam’ available to non-subscribers.